Interns Fall 2016


Spare Pen was founded in July 2016 as a safe and imaginative space for closet creatives, individuals who usually hone their craft behind closed doors but would like to practice sharing their work with the public.

We mainly focus on collecting and sharing pieces by budding and seasoned writers but you may occasionally find work from artists, musicians, photographers, thinkers, and more.


Lani is a creative fiction and nonfiction writer based in San Diego. Before committing to writing full-time, she attended the University of California at Berkeley and taught English in Japan.

Her work has appeared in the print anthology Sunshine Noir II by City Works Press and Tokyo-based zine Homodachi. She has had 7 years of writing and editing experience.


If you are interested in developing your writing skills beyond blogging and click-bait articles, this might be the internship for you.

Please note that this is very much a training program and not meant for seasoned writers (if you’ve been published in a small circulation publication such as a newsletter, don’t hesitate to apply).

So, what exactly will you be doing? You will help build a foundation for Spare Pen. You’ll be among the first to submit original fiction or nonfiction stories, relevant articles, interviews, and/or reviews to the site. We have plans to grow into a literary hub for closet creatives around the nation.

If invited on board, we will create a customized track meant to challenge and help you grow as a writer. You can expect to write a range of content from short nonfiction pieces to restaurant reviews. The first few pieces will be assigned but you will also have the opportunity to curate your own pieces upon the editor’s approval. Depending on your own schedule, you can choose to contribute anywhere from 5-10 pieces before the end of the year.

The internship will run from late September through December 2016.


*Please note that this is an unpaid internship. You’ll be able to enjoy the following:

  • The opportunity to have your work published on a media platform
  • Official author page on
  • Personalized business cards
  • Letter of recommendation reflective of the quality of work submitted


  • Must currently reside in San Diego, CA and be able to attend occasional meetings. If you live outside of San Diego, please contact so that we can reach out to you once we have lifted the residents only requirement
  • A passion for writing. You’re always searching for the right way to say what you want to say
  • Current university student or recent graduate. General community members will also be considered
  • Ability to receive criticism well and implement it into your writing
  • Must have a working laptop or reliable access to a computer
  • Must be able to work independently and within deadlines. With that said, we allow our interns to create their own deadlines to work with their schedule
  • Willing to conduct interviews for assignments


Interested applicants must send the following to

  • Brief cover letter (5-7 sentences at most) in the email body
  • Resume and/or LinkedIn
  • Writing sample: Submit anything that reflects your writing style, from a journal entry to an academic paper. If you are not happy with the quality of your existing pieces, feel free to complete this assignment: Spend no longer than 20 minutes on a 1-2 page draft reflecting on how you feel about your household or the community you grew up in

Please send resume and writing sample as attachments (.doc or PDF)